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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

If Charlie Sheen can get a million Twitter followers in 24 hours, then surely the former most eligible bachelor in the world can give him a serious run for his money, right?

Come on, who doesn't want an inside peek into the life of an A-list royal?

So exactly how will the more reserved Prince William handle the endless prodding into his life in the age of Twitter, Facebook and social networking?

"Heaven forbid he is going to become the Twitter king!" a senior royal source practically cried to us. "I'm certainly not saying that [he will join Twitter], but I am stressing that William will bring a more down-to-earth ‘feel' to his duties."

Hmmm, is @PrinceWilliam about to get a verified account? One can only dream of the day that happens—maybe we can get Kate to talk him into it?

Or not: We can see it already, "Queen Mum making me lift the royal loo. #RoyalBoyProblems."

"Unlike the queen, who publicly addresses her subjects very little outside of her annual Christmas television broadcast," explained our palace insider, "William will take advantage not only of TV, but also of modern media such as the internet to establish a more open flow of information."

Translation: Dude may not have a Twitter handle, but he's got bigger media balls than his fam.

But let's not get too excited. Something tells us Prince William won't be checking into Buckingham Palace on FourSquare anytime soon.

"I believe it is a near certainty that he will be the king who will unshackle the royal family from its image of pomp, pageantry and remoteness and fully bring the House of Windsor into the modern era," says the Palace vet.

Love it! Here's to hoping for a new era of royal Twitpics!

But please don't go Demi and Ashton on us, guys.

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