Hello, new girl! Kaylee DeFer joins the cast of Gossip Girl tonight as Serena's cousin Charlie Rhodes, and she's going deep into the wild world of the van der Woodsens of the Upper East Side. As Kaylee tells us, "[My mom, played by Sheila Kelley] has told me my entire life that the van der Woodsens are Satan reincarnated, horrible human beings, never trust them, never know them and so I decide I want to know what that is all about, taste the forbidden fruit."

But what's her character's secret tie to Dan (Penn Badgley)?

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As Kaylee tells us, "I had worked with Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage before on a show that they had created called The Mountain. Actually, Penn Badgley was on the show and I played his love interest. And then years went by and I wandered in for a Gossip Girl audition for a different role and they saw my tape and decided they had been wanting to write a new character that was going to shake things up, and when they saw my audition they wrote the character with me in mind, which was such an honor."

Do you trust the Rhodes side of the family, or do you think they're up to no good?

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