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The U.S. premiere of Robert Pattinson's new movie Water for Elephants is set to take place this Sunday in New York City, and the only thing more entertaining than rating the flick is watching to see if Kristen Stewart will play the supportive gf and actually show.

Remember, Rob's leading lady didn't make it to the Golden Globes or the Oscars? We, like the rest of you Twi-hards, are hoping that K.Stew will shed her red carpet shyness for a loving cause.

Doesn't the new legal drinker know that a year older doesn't just mean a year wiser?

In fact, it means a relationship sinks or swims under the 20-something pressures of dating.  So, it's time to get out those floaties, Kristen!

After K.Stew's dream laid-back birthday celebration, we were tweaking more than usual when we spotted those pics of the couple sneaking a kiss and sharing a stogie. Signs of commitment? Not until we see them on a red carpet near us.

I mean, it's only fair that the pretty and reserved Stewart pays one forward and rocks her uncomfortable but cute smile alongside Rob and his newly married costar Reese Witherspoon this Sunday in the Big Apple.  

Stewart's awardS-show track record might not be the most consistent, but she has remembered in the past to support her man's other movies. Like, Rob's Remember Me premiere.

Granted, she was looking rather rough around the edges and was only posing for pictures solo, but she still flew out to attend. That was Twi-historically a major step in this relaysh.

How amazing would it be if Robsten actually showed up together for this premiere? We won't push it, but it's just something to drool over. We've asked our K.Stew bitchlettes what's up, no word back.

Plus, if there was any way to prove that this relationship will outlive Edward and Bella, it's to hang up the solo red-carpeting and snap a couple pic for the press and paparazzos.

Don't you all agree?

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