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Best Princess Tournament, Round 2
William & Kate's Royal Wedding

The wedding may be a few weeks away, but the royal court is already heating up in round two of our best princess ever tournament! Last time we asked you which princess deserves our top spot, and the results might surprise you.

Check out which regal ladies are still in the running for the crown:

Most of our pretty princesses were able to stave off banishment with ease.

The lovely Grace Kelly took home 80 percent of the vote when faced against Princess Eugenie of York, and powerhouse Rapunzel shut out Letizia, Princess of Asturias with 77 percent of the vote. Mia Thermopolis is looking like another strong pick, as she bested Princess Maxima of the Netherlands with 80 percent of the vote.

But it wasn't all tea and crumpets for our contenders. Giselle moved on to round two by a mere 1 percent margin, sending fan favorite Snow White back to hang with the dwarves, and Princess Jasmine just barely sent Princess Leia packing with a startling 51 percent of the vote.

So don't get comfortable just yet—the fate of your favorite royals still hangs in the balance! The competition is getting fiercer, so who will make it to the next round? Will Kate Middleton stay on top? Or will Cinderella and Giselle send her home? You tell us! And don't forget to follow all the action on Twitter @RoyalsWed!