Taylor Lautner's adolescence has been particularly tough—at least onscreen.

First he was a lovelorn werewolf, and now, in Abduction, he finds out that his kung fu-proficient parents are not really his parents and...

Why is everybody around him dying?!

Happily, Taylor has the body to make it through such a terrifying situation, not to mention a very lovely and Google-proficient gal-pal in the form of real-life love interest Lily Collins.

Though the last two Twilight films are yet to hit theaters, 19-year-old Taylor obviously has high hopes for free agency once he's left Team Jacob. Do you think Abduction, his first time carrying a movie solo, is a step in the right direction?

The John Singleton-directed thriller is in theaters Sept. 23, a good month before Breaking Dawn Part 1 forces the principal cast to start forging their own post-Twilight identities all over again.

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