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Best Princess Tournament
William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Whether she's hustling about making plans for the most buzzed about wedding ever or being converted into a Pez dispenser, that Kate Middleton is sure in the spotlight a lot these days. But in the princess world, Kate's the new kid in town, and when she finally says "I do," she'll be joining the ranks of some very powerful princess peeps.

But alas, there can only be one ultimate princess! In honor of the royal wedding, we rounded up a list of the real, the fictional and even some video-game royalty, to produce a list of the most magical princesses ever. And now, dear royals fan, we're calling on you to help pick your favorites in round one of our best princess ever tournament:

So who will make it through? Will Princess Fiona run it just like she did in Shrek one through four? Are the badass fighting skills of the leather-clad Xena enough to help her cinch the top spot? Or will Princess Diana's poise and grace make her the ultimate princess?

You tell us! Check out the first round of 32 pretty princesses and cast your vote for who will make it through. Don't forget to follow all the royal wedding action on Twitter @RoyalsWed!