Blind Vice diva

Last Friday's Blind Vice was just too stupidly bitchy, it simply must be answered.

So we're going to have a little fun with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're all so smart, I'm sure someone's guessed the correct gripe-ass TV cast by now.

But, to win our prize, and to find out a little extra guessin' you have to do, read on:

From this point on, 6:06 AM PST, the first person to answer on Twitter the correct TV show will win a very special prize from one of my very favorite bitchy sisters, Chelsea Handler. That babe's perfect for all this Blind Vice scandalous stuff, right?

The Chelsea bonus is a secret at this point.

But what the first correct guesser must additionally do is not: remember, the original item said that several of Mullholland Estate's stars were being unpleasant about not getting their normally afforded days off—since they all had to show up for that snoozeville of a finale they're all filming at the end of the month.

So, the big Chelsea prize-taker must also be the first person to guess which normally terribly nice Estate costar was also, surprisingly, a member of this complaining chorus. Got it?

Guess the correct show. Plus, this one surprising cast member who all of sudden, thinks she's J.Lo or somebody.

Remember, all guesses must be sent to @theawfultruth on Twitter!

Good luck!

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