Jennifer Hudson

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Jennifer Hudson literally went from zero to hero thanks to her role in Dreamgirls. She also went from fashion nobody to fashionista in about 10 seconds. When stars are newly famous, who hooks them up with publicists, stylists, make-up and hair people for their first red carpet appearances? How do they get couture gowns if it's their first starring role and nobody really knows them yet?
—Erin, South Africa

Usually, their managers or agents. Unlike the stars, who are new, the agents are not, and they know everybody. Now, let's shine a light on more of your Burning Q's!

Oh, you amazing B!tch! Whatever happened to the season-three cast of Laguna Beach? Please give me more intellect on the matter, great Answer B!tch!
—Ramsay, London

Well, at least one of them has managed to score some coin, in actual acting gigs. Alex Murrel, who, technically, was in season three a little bit, has two low-budget films in postproduction: American High School, about teen marriage (and costarring Talan Torriero) and Action News 5.

Hey Answer B!tch! Name's quite funny. You make me enjoy listening to podcast when doing my sport!
—Nebie, a fan from Belgium

I hear that french fries are actually Belgian, non? If so, you have my thanks, both for your kindness and for the crispy potato talents displayed by your illustrious ancestry.

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