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The results are in from our DVR DOA poll, and it looks like Fox has some explaining to do.

House, with an overwhelming number of the votes, was picked to be taken off your DVRs the most, followed by Glee, and then reality staple American Idol. You guys flooded the comments section with your reasons for giving these shows the boot, and we combed through the lot looking for the best explanations. What we found hopefully represents the collective opinion on each show, and if not, that's why we have comment sections: for more venting!

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After reading the feedback from voters for Glee, House, and American Idol, please enjoy some of the earlier promos and videos from each show, maybe to help you all remember a time when you were hopelessly devoted to it.

House (72% of the votes)

"As a viewer I've been totally alienated by the last three episodes of House. After seven years they barely gave House and Cuddy a chance and then broke them up in a way that made no sense and was completely out of character." —Jane2

"What has been the most frustrating thing about this show is that its show runner, David Shore, has told the fans that House will never change, and that he's doomed to be miserable and he's back at square one. After watching this show since the pilot, this makes me feel like I've wasted the past seven years rooting for a character to find some sense of happiness or at least end at a better place than when I first saw him in the pilot episode." —timeaftertime

"This once brilliant, intelligent, thought-provoking one-of-a-kind show has become unrecognizable. No more interesting medical cases, no more witty dialogues, ethical dilemmas and intriguing patients. House has become a caricature of himself, and it's hard to find any sympathy for him when he has been reduced to a sad, pathetic juvenile jerk who hasn't said a line worth quoting in a very long time." —troyica


"The problem is the characters aren't consistent and change their motivations on a whim; one week Sue's antibullying, the next she's shoving kids in the hallways. Plot is out the window; the songs get picked first and then they try to figure out a story, whether it ties into the previous episode or not. And all the singing is simple covers of songs. I thought we might get some different arrangements or twist on songs, but it's really just Kids Incorporated set in high school." —Russell

"I think that the writers and producers have quit listening to the viewers and are making the characters into something that they're not meant to be. The singing is still awesome and the actors are great, but the character development is horrible. I see so much potential there and it's just being wasted."—Kristen

"While the story has never been great, it seems to have gone off the rails and I no longer care what happens to these people. They are not underdogs to root for, but rather just annoying people and you start to understand why no one at school likes them." —J

American Idol

This year everything has seemed off. The auditions seemed choppier and not nearly as funny or memorable. The same thing happens every season: auditions, Hollywood week, instruments added as well as group performances, then voting begins and the judges sit back and say the same things the judges have said since seasons one: "pitchy," "yo dawg," "incredible," "brought tears to my eyes," etc. It's time something drastically changes, or I know a lot of people (that haven't already) will give up on it." —tayusedtoloveit

"There is no negative criticism whatsoever! I can't stand covering my ears while someone sings and then hearing the judges praise them as though it was the best performance they have ever seen." —KT

"Let's be honest, Idol was over the minute they let Paula get away. Her interaction with Simon was why many people tuned in." —RIP Idol

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