The King, Burger King

Burger King

There is uproar in the usually peaceful court of Burger King, where a humble servant of the fast-food ruler took the “Have It Your Way” slogan to a new level by bathing in the sink of the B.K. franchise in Xenia, Ohio. As fellow employees looked on, a worker who calls himself Mr. Unstable (and his tats and a hairdo resembling dog chew toys would tend to back that up) got naked, sudsed it up, taped the whole thing and posted it on YouTube. The following clip of Unstable's kitchen dip is best served up with a B.K. Smokehouse Cheddar Griller.

Heck, maybe he was simply tidying up for a Jonas Brothers show, whose tour the King is sponsoring. In any event, B.K. bosses say they've taken “corrective action,” though we can't help but wonder if some mysterious corporate bent toward all things bathing may have prompted Unstable's tub time in the first place. After all, if you Google “Burger King Menu,” then click on “Whoops,” there’s an oddly appropriate message.

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