Jack Black, Tanya Haden

Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

That uproar at the Tropic Thunder premiere in Hell-Ay Monday night wasn’t from any stinkin’ protesters pounding the pavement—it was just Jack Black. Jackie-boy roared down the crimson carpet sporting a wild mess of a mane on both sides of his noggin’ and a dramatic lightning-bolt scene on his silly suit. The motif is funny and fitting of the film, fer sure, but Jax should consider matching his wife, Tanya Haden, instead of the title of his flick. Shame, too, since Tan-hon looked fab in bold, bright orange and yellow hues—the sunny shade surely is growing on us, if not anyone else. But if you wanna stick with stupid, J.B., then get your gal in on the action, too. We’re all for Black’s threads mimicking his quirky personality, but take a cue from TomKat’s book will ya? Picking the perf clothes to sport on the carpet is apparently the one thing they always get right.