Meta Golding, A.J. Cook


So, what do you know? More news!

After the previous Criminal Minds post, you guys wanted a little clarity on the question of "Is someone dying or just getting lightly flambéd?" While digging around for the answer,  I stumbled into a bit more Criminal Minds scoop for you, including a cast addition!

First off, a source close to the show tells me, "We know the fans love all our characters equally, and because of that, they have some job security." So, continue to expect a serious injury, rather than an outright death, as a result of the SUV explosion.

Now, that said, A.J. Cook's due date draws near, and I'm hearing that her character will be "having the baby in nearly real time," meaning that A.J. and J.J. will be giving birth all but simultaneously on TV and in real life.

And on that note, I can tell you that there will be a new liasion on the team while A.J. Cook is off on her maternity leave. Meta Golding is signing on for the gig, and she'll appear on the series beginning at the end of October. I'm told it's "really cute how she's introduced." But if you love your Jennifer Jareau, you can breath easy, because Meta is just filling in, and J.J. will be returning to the team when she's done baby-makin'!

So, do you think J.J. should be considered safe, or do you think the explosion will bring on some sort of baby-related trauma, allowing her to gracefully disappear for a few episodes? Or both? Post in the comments.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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