Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton

James Fox/Express UK/ZUMA Press)

On April 29, two families are set to merge in the biggest blowout of a nuptial that the world has seen in three decades, as Prince William plans to marry Kate Middleton.

On one side, we have Britain's royal House of Windsor, chock full of bluebloods and biddies in fabulous hats. On the other side, the Middletons, what snobs often call "new money"—a onetime middle-class bunch that made a fortune in the party supply business while raising the presumed future queen of England.

How do the two clans stack up to each other? Which family has the biggest party animal? The most eligible bachelor? The cutest dog? Let's find out in a brand-new meet the fams gallery, shall we?

GET THE LIST: Kate Middleton & Prince William: Meet the Fams!

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