Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson


That moist Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson SoBe spin I mentioned last week wasn’t all virgin iced jobs and fun in the sun. Linds ‘n’ her androgynous romantic accessory, who sometimes doubles as a predictable DJ, were actually pretty sweaty in Ef-Hell-Ay—not from whooping it up and off, but from arguing. “It was not pleasant,” sandy insiders dished ‘bout the babes’ short stay by in the humid trend spot. “They fought.” Well, most couples do, darlings. I’m just more concerned with those who hang with this duo’s set who fear the day L2 once again has a movie as a romantic lead to sell (should this stunning event ever again occur, mind you). These Lohan know-it-all’s insist to moi that SamRo will be bawling in the dust, Lindsay will have ditched her so fast, the instant that PR requirement materializes. Oh, how cold. Cannot imagine L.L. pulling something so heartless ‘n’ chilly. I mean, girl comes from such a warm, cuddly family!