Mary J. Blige

John Shearer/

So much for no more drama.

A New York production company has sued Mary J. Blige for copyright infringement, claiming the tune "Work It," off her latest album, Growing Pains, was created by a producer who worked for the plaintiff at the time.

Dream Family Entertainment wants more than $2 million from the Grammy-winning songstress.

According to the complaint obtained by the New York Daily News, though producer Theron "Neef-U" Feemster wrote "Work It," which was also heard behind Blige in an iPod commercial, his former employer owns the song.

"Mr. Feemster created the music while he was under contract with Dream Family. Dream Family then owned the music, yet the music was used without permission in a Mary J. Blige release recording," the company's attorney, Brian Caplan, told the newspaper.

"It was released as an album, a single and in a commercial." He said, however, that it's unclear whether Blige knew that Feemster had no rights to work with "Work That."

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