Kelly Rutherford

Jordan Strauss/

Talk about taking your love of high fashion a little too seriously. Kelly Rutherford, who plays hot mom Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, named her son Hermès Gustaf Daniel Giersch. Word on the goss street, thanks to an eavesdropped convo with the blond babe herself, is l'il 2-year-old Hermès is named after the line of bags Kel adores so much.

Hey, if Matthew McConaughey can christen son Levi after designer denim, we certainly think high-class Hermès is a step up. (Though, we think Prada is a prettier name, personally.)

K.R.’s agent confirmed to us that “Kelly does have an Hermès addiction, but the name has a dual meaning.” A little research in our mythology history books tells us that it ain’t just overpriced posh purses—Hermès is the Greek messenger god, and Ruther-babe’s hub-unit Daniel used to make his living as a mailman.

Just be glad he didn’t use to be a sailor, or the poor kid’s moniker might be Poseidon.