Scott Baio

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

While Jimmy Franco betters himself (the guy just got himself a UCLA diploma), Scott Baio continues to barter his asshole personality. S.B. just hit Hell-Ay’s Mauro’s restaurant, where the reality wannabe certainly was doing more than chewing and chitchatting. Had a sit-down with some film types, including horror meister George Romero’s son Cameron, himself a budding director. Cam’s done the scary stuff before, just like his pops, but this time he’s shopping around The Loon, a romantic comedy with a Birdcage-type twist, and he possibly has a part in mind for skinny, procreating Scottie. Baio-babe would have a scattering of scenes where he shows off a manlier side we haven’t seen since his Chachi days, in case you’re interested. But a Birdcage twist, huh? Does that mean there are a couple of gay dudes pretending to be straight for the sake of comedy? Can’t think of anything more horrifying. Actually, dunno if this is the role that’ll score Scotty B. a sweet comeback, à la Neil Patrick Harris. Who woulda thought NPH could return to public consciousness by first playing a sexed up version of himself in a stoner flick (Harold and Kumar), scoring a supporting part on a sitcom and then coming out of the closet? None of those are obvious choices for a full-career recovery, but it seems to have worked out well for the former teenage, TV doc. So there’s hope for Baio yet, we’re sorry to admit.