Selena Gomez, Ron Wood

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Good news, America. Finally, we can all rest easier knowing the deadly hatchet that glints so wickedly in the high-stakes world of tween relationships has been buried in the bitter Miley vs. Selena throw-down. But wait. Intrigue is still ripe in the world of Barney & Friends alum Gomez, who is keeping coy and mum about the mystery man in her fevered romantic life. "While we were slow dancing, my crush and I had our first kiss!" This despite the fact that notoriously chaste Selena doesn't kiss on the first date. The chap's reply? "Well, I never really play by the rules." Pundits have speculated the lip servicer is Nick Jonas, but given the rebel, rule-breaker stance, consider the Soup Blog's short list of S.G.'s prospective bad-boy paramours.

  • Ron Wood: The aging Stone recently made headlines after a family-destroying affair with a 19-year-old. Is Woody still on a roll?
  • Shia LaBeouf: Reported Selena crush. He drinks, he rides a motorcycle, he got a ticket for unlawful smoking. Bad!
  • Pete Doherty: Only 10 years older than Selena—a plus—though his chronic use of heroin, crack, ketamine and, of course, the chronic kind of negate that.
  • Gary Busey: Notorious rule breaker with uncontrollable PDA tendencies, as seen in Jennifer Garner red carpet hug/slobber assault.

Or maybe it's just Nick Jonas.

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