Katie Holmes, Amanda Peet, Rachel Bilson

FAME Pictures, AP Photo/Gaas, INFphoto.com

All the cool ladies in Hollywood are rolling their jeans, which means we better start if there's any hope of being accepted into their exclusive clique.

On a trend scale from one (being those awful jumpsuits everyone's all about lately) to 10 (being adorable high-waisted pencil skirts), jean rolling probably falls around a seven. It's not horribly offensive, and it can be highly practical in some situations.

A few tips learned from the women above...

1. Try to avoid weird, flesh-toned, open-toed ankle boots whenever possible, even if you are supercute like Rachel Bilson.
2. It's best to roll with a straight-leg jean rather than a baggy jean like Katie Holmes does.
3. Don't roll and walk the red carpet, no matter what Amanda Peet tries to tell you.

Now, go forth and bare your ankles!

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