Kelsey Grammer

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Frasier has finally left the building.

Kelsey Grammer's rep confirms to E! News that the ticker-troubled actor has been released from a New York hospital after being admitting for an irregular heartbeat.

"Kelsey Grammer is out of the hospital, feeling great and about to resume normal activities at home," his rep, Stan Rosenfield, said. "He and his wife Camille want to thank everyone who expressed concern. They appreciated the kind words."

It's unclear when, exactly, the 53-year-old star exited the hospital. He admitted himself last Monday after feeling faint. He was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. At the time, Rosenfield said that Grammer's medication, which he has been taking since suffering a heart attack in June, was to blame.

The heart attack, which occurred while Grammer was on vacation with his wife Camille in Hawaii, was originally dubbed "mild," but Grammer later admitted that he nearly died as a result.

As a result of his hospitalization, the Emmy winner was forced to cancel several television appearances in support of his new movie, Swing Vote. It's unclear whether—though unlikely—he'll reschedule the guest spots.

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