Mike Myers


Mike Myers, who left his long-suffering wife, Robin, after 12 years of marriage (trust, she’s saw it all with the notoriously cranky-pot comic, just so we didn’t have to) just hauled ass out of New York’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema, where Man On Wire, the story of high-wire walker Philippe Petit, is showing. Wire, an absurdly engrossing flick—particularly when Petit commandeers the World Trade Center by climbing to the top and throwing out a few wires before walking between the two doomed buildings, 110 stories high, with no support whatsoever—comes to a crashing halt. That’s right at the end when Petit ditches his wife who had seen to it that Petit achieved his life-long dream of scaling the Twin Towers, and he blithely screws the first woman who congratulates him. Myers couldn’t stop applauding even as he exited the flick. Why’s that, babe?