Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William

OK, pardon the lame pun, but did somebody over in Britain's Royal Mint simply flip a coin when it came to deciding which portrait of Kate Middleton to put on a new coin commemmorating her engagement to Prince William

Seriously, there's a zilliion elegant shots out there of the beautiful bride-to-be, and they go with this shot? What's more, Wills himself doesn't exactly look like the future king we know and love here, either. In fact, several critics have already compared his pic to Al Gore.

Although, perhaps we're being a bit too hard on the Royal Mint because, according to them, these less-than-lifelike portraits were supposedly approved by, wait for it, both  Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William!

Yikes! Sounds like maybe Kate should be making the decisions regarding anything related to the upcoming nuptials from here on out.

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