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Paris Hilton's holiday trip to Hawaii got off to a rough start.

The heiress's flight to Maui was delayed this morning when a "big knife" was found on board before departure.

"We were about to take off then security made everyone deplane because they found a big knife on board the plane. Scary that it got on plane," Hilton tweeted.

So how'd the weapon get past TSA and those full-body scanners? And did Paris ever make it to paradise?

Well, it seems the blade was brought on by an airline worker.

After a precautionary security sweep of the plane, Delta determined the knife was left on board by a cabin crew member and the plane was allowed to takeoff for Hawaii.

"They just finished the security sweep of the plane. About to board again. So strange a knife got on board. Can't wait to get to Maui," Paris posted.

Her flight, which boyfriend Cy Waits was also on, was delayed by about an hour.

This is why it you should always fly private, Paris!

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