Leighton Meester, Garret Hedlund, Country Strong

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Dear Ted:
I think Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund would make a cute couple. I've just seen a YouTube clip of them tightly embracing at the Country Strong premiere. Is there anything going on there or am I reading into it too much?

Dear Country Love:
I'm totally down for that couple pairing, S, though I haven't heard anything about them being more than costars just yet. Plus, it would also be nice to stop the inevitable "is Garret trying to go for Kristen Stewart" question that will pop up during On the Road promotion. Can you stand it already?

Dear Ted:
Everyone seems to be caught up with whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal will take Taylor Swift to the Golden Globes. My question is this: Why take her? He'll get bigger press if he doesn't take her and thanks her in his speech (If he wins). Do you agree?

Dear Hell Yes:
Actually, that would probably be the dumbest thing he could do. Thanking her would be such a blatant cry for media attention, and would completely overshadow the fact that Jake won for his acting chops, not tabloid skills. As much as we'd like to see them pose together, the clever move here would be to leave Swift at home (sorry T!), or at least just have her come for the after-parties.

Dear Ted:
I completely agree with your feelings on Vick. I used to be an Eagles fan until they signed him. What I don't understand is how Michael Vick is different than Slurpa Pop-off? Both are dog killers—has Slurpa Pop-off ever mended her evil ways? Has she ever even attempted to repent for her murderous ways? If not, why not include her in your discussions?

Dear Good Memory:
Yes, Slurpa's made some major attempts to clean that hideous side of her very well-known life. She's not stupid. Nor is she not without remorse—unlike Vick.

Dear Ted:
Regarding Ms. Bee-Sting, you said it's been confirmed that she had an affair with her leading man, which sent the leading man's wife all into a tizzy. I'm curious then about Ms. Bee-Sting's own boyfriend at the time, assuming she had one of course. Did he learn about the affair at the same time as the old ball and chain? Did he care as much as she did, or was their relationship already on the rocks? Or maybe it was that affair that lead to their break-up in the first place?

Dear Fight Like a Butterfly:
Now wait a sec L, you're assuming that Veronica had a boyfriend during her on-set dalliances. I never said that, now did I? Veronica has had past semi high-profile relationships, and she has cared about them. She's not evil, just slutty.

Dear Ted:
I forgot to ask you this before Black Swan was released but a conversation ignited my curiosity about this again. I want to know if you supported the movie or not. I'm asking you because I remember someone asking how you could list Natalie Portman as a role model and write off Polanski at the same time. PS, I agreed with the person because it makes no sense to me when someone condemns criminals and respects their enablers at the same time. I know you don't support all his supporters but time has passed since then. Has anything changed?

Dear Hollywood Politics:
No. Hollywood continues to respect rapists as long as they get Oscars.

Dear Ted:
Who would you like to see Scarlett Johansson with? Who would be a good match for her??

Dear Matchmaker:
Scarlett needs a Jim Toth kind of guy in the end. But if I were to pick someone for a rebound, why not ex-flame Justin Timberlake? Those two were hot back in the day! Am I going to be on the naughty list for saying that?

Dear Ted:
What does Joe Jonas do to girls? He breaks up with Taylor Swift and years later she is still obessed with him and writing more songs about him. He breaks up with Demi Lavato and she ends up in rehab. Why?

Dear Hold the Judgment:
You can't blame Joe for that stuff. Was his method of dumping T.Swift terrible? Yes! But he certainly got his karma in the end after Taylor called him out on it (which we, and everyone who has been douch'ily dumped, loved). Remember though, Joe is a kid. He's not perfect at the love stuff. Demi's demons certainly were her own, not Joe Jonas' (or Ashley Greene's for that matter).

Dear Ted:
Jake Gyllenhaal just turned 30. Do you have any birthday wishes for him?

Dear B-Day Boy:
The same as always. Live your life, sweetheart, not your agents'.

Dear Ted:
So I'm wondering about Veronica Bee-Stings...you said in your last Blind Vice that VBS isn't opposed to working the "casting couch" as a way to forward her career. What happens if 'Nic gets a boyfriend...perhaps even a "stand-up" kind of guy? Would he "look the other way" since it's part of the biz, or would our little BS-er have to try and cover up her morally questionable role-landing tactics to keep him around?

Dear Ahead of Yourself:
Good question, but there's no way to predict the future. I think Veronica is ambitious. She will find a way to keep climbing the Hollywood ladder and it's doubtful boyfriends will stand in her way. And many people (a.k.a. the party of 2) are discreet when it comes to this stuff, so who is to say said BF would ever find out?

Dear Ted:
Reese Witherspoon
and Gwyneth Paltrow both recently got stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Do you think Jennifer Aniston will ever get one? Please say yes! I love her and really think she deserves it.

Dear What's in an Oscar:
Sure. Come on, it doesn't take that much if Christina Aguilera and Big Bird have themselves in pavement.

Dear Ted:
I'm majorly concerned about this, mostly because it would mean further corruption of celebs I like to think are sweet. But your recent blind vice with Me-Me Dallas left me with one big question: Is Me-Me's recent bedding Wilby Whiskers yet another boy linked to the sweetheart Darla Jones? I cant help but feel like theres a connection even though I wish there wasn't.

Dear Technicality:
Honey, they all run in the same young-Hollywood crowd—of course, there's linkage there. I wouldn't overly worry your sweet head over it, though. In that group, you can't find anyone who hasn't been tainted already.

Dear Ted:
Now that Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco aren't dating anymore, how are things on the set? Actually, any gossip about the cast of The Big Bang Theory would be welcome!

Dear Big Bang Indeed:
Come on, things are always awkward when you split with someone you work with. Nothing too unusual there. Why do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hooking up was so damn terrifying to the suits? And just because the Big Bang cast stays relatively under the radar in Hollywood, don't think all of those babes are without their demons.

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