Angelina Jolie

For the love of fashion, we are so relieved Angelina Jolie's promotional rounds for The Tourist are over.

Not only did her flick tank at the box office, but the actress's red carpet looks failed, too...

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It's too bad, because Angie kicked it off in the Big Apple in a beautiful winter-white Versace gown with thigh-high slit.

But then La Jolie proceeded to put us to sleep in boring head-to-toe black. From the weird black-glove dress by Versace to pantsuits two days in a row (!) to a heavy velvet Versace skirt, the babe's Goth style got old fast.

C'mon, Ange, would it have killed you to wear something not black at least once during these junkets? You look fab in colors, so let's step it up again.

Was the star's wardrobe a snoozefest for you, too? Weigh in below!

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