Recognize the Reveler

Anita Bugge/

This celebrity has been taking a lot of risks lately.

She made her first foray into acting, announced she's splitting up with her hubby, and now, she's playing with pink hair.

Last night, the star stepped out in Germany with a cotton-candy-colored braid.

Think you know who's got this colorful coif? Find out after the jump...

Christina Aguilera

Anita Bugge/

It's Christina Aguilera in Berlin for Burlesque!

The hairdo isn't the only new thing she's been sporting overseas.

Her new man Matthew Rutler, who was a PA in her movie, has joined her on the promotional tour.

The twosome have been spotted holding hands in Paris and clubbing together in London.

And even though Xtina's experimenting with her hair, she refuses to lose her bright red lipstick.

Maybe next time, she should try matching her mane to her mouth!

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