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Josh Jackson, Fringe, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, Chuck, Zachary Levi, Glee, Lea Michele, Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood

Craig Blankenhorn/FOX; Giovanni Rufino/The CW; Quantrell Colbert/The CW; Justin Lubin/NBC; Carin Baer/FOX; John P. Johnson/HBO

Update: We'll close this round on Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 11 a.m.

If you thought it was hard to choose between The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural in round one of our Best TV Show of 2010 tournament, just wait until you see the choices in round two!

Which do you love more? Castle or Chuck? Glee or Grey's Anatomy? True Blood or Lost? Modern Family or The Walking Dead? (Weirdest pairing ever.) These are the brutal matchups we're facing as the competition tightens to just 16 competitors. Who will win? You decide!

Reminder: To determine the pairings in this tournament, we did a formal seeded bracket like they do in sports, with the rankings based on the results of the previous poll.

Which show do you want to win the whole thing? Hit the comments!

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