Miley Cyrus

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It doesn't take much to get Bill O'Reilly into a wattle-wagging fury, but rare is the moment when the news is so shocking he actually becomes solemn.

Miley Cyrus's headline-making water pipe incident has engendered just such a moment.

Yes, good American Bill is disgusted. He's appalled. In fact, he's actually saddened by Miley's shameful behavior, and he wants you to know about it.





We couldn't agree with you more, Bill. Her inability to manipulate the downstem and lack of fundamental carburator finessing clearly produced a harsher hit, not to mention her wasteful exhalation. And as if that weren't enough, she neglected to snap the bowl, for goodness sake.

Improper bong etiquette is sad, indeed. Doesn't Cyrus realize there are thousands of youngsters looking for her to set an example? Talk about pathetic.

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