It's the cry of many Glee fans who are not-so-patiently waiting for Chris Colfer's Kurt to smooch his new potential love interest Darren Criss (Blaine). So has it happened? Is the rumor true it will go down in the Super Bowl episode?

I hit the Glee set to congratulate Chris (plus Lea Michele and Jane Lynch) on today's Golden Globe nomination and he gave me a definitive answer to that—plus the latest on Anne Hathaway playing his aunt and Julie Andrews playing his grandma! I also witnessed a pretty adorable Lea Michele sneak attack you have to see for yourself. Here's the scoop:

Check out the video clip above for my full video interview with Chris—and the tackle courtesy of Lea!

Lea's attack prompted this tweet from Chris afterward: "I love you @kristindsantos! I don't know how you kept a straight face when @msleamichele snuck up on me." Note to Chris: The massive amounts of Botox help.

I asked Chris: "Have you been kissing any boys in private school uniforms lately?" And he shot back: "Not on the show, that's for sure!...Not yet. But it's really funny how hungry people are for that. Calm down, perverts!" Ha! 

Chris seems legitimately in the dark as to when/where/how/if Kurt and Blaine will smooch saying, "Maybe they're not going to kiss? Maybe a nice hug will do for them. Maybe they're of a higher-level relationship; everything is spiritual. Who knows? But I think if we rush it too much, every one would say how much we rushed it and how it wasn't real."

One thing that is real: Chris' still-raging desire to get Julie Andrews on the show as his grandmother—and it sounds like it's happening. "I'm pretty sure I've been obnoxious enough now that she knows that I want her. I think they just have to write it for her…And Anne Hathaway wants to play my lesbian aunt. I'm all for that. Could you imagine a family with myself, Mike O'Malley, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway? That's one hell of a family."

As for the Super Bowl episode, Chris spills: "I know 'Thriller' is involved and they're mashing it up, and I remember I was a very big critic. I was like, 'You're mashing up something with 'Thriller,' what's wrong with you?' But it actually sounds very cool."

So how does Chris feel about that Globe nod? He insists he truly didn't see it coming and slept like a baby the night before.

"It's such a huge vast category, and I wasn't expecting to be with the people that I'm with now, and it's just cloud nine, all over again."

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And get ready for Matthew Morrison who, yes, talked about Gwyneth and Wemma...

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