The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race came to an end last night, and Nat and Kat won. Spoiler alert. Oh, whoops, we probably should have put those sentences in reverse order.

Well, at any rate, the last leg took place in Los Angeles and involved the teams having to decipher some clues. Unfortunately Jill and Thomas needed the Internet to do so, but they didn't have immediate access to it. Also unfortunately, Jill and Thomas struggled with the American language barrier.   




Hey, Boris, I got two Americans in the cab begging me to use the Internet and I'm pretending I don't know what it is. Yeah, I just keep raising my hands and talking in a heavy accent. Oh, oh, and the best is when they ask me for a computer and I just keep pointing to my GPS. Hah! I know I know! Shh, don't make me laugh, I'm in character. OK, OK listen, I'll do the GPS thing again right now. Oh, man they are gonna be so pissed...*

 *as translated via The Soup's imaginary Armenian staff member

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