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Glee, Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, The Office

Giovanni Rufino/CW, AMC, Chris Haston/NBC, Adam Rose/FOX

You've read our Best Drama, Best Comedy and Best Reality Show Top 10 lists, and now it's your turn to give us your opinion. We took your nominations and used them to create a ballot for our TV Show of the Year Tournament. Anything that got more than one nomination (sorry, Canada's Worst Driver) should be included—if we missed a show you think is deserving, please post a write-in vote in the comments!

The 32 shows that get the most votes during this round will appear in the first tournament bracket, which launches next Tuesday. So what's the 2010 TV Show of the Year? Tell us:

Did we miss your fave? Post it in the comments, along with your arguments in favor of your fave series. Who knows? Maybe you'll persuade another voter to go your way!