Matt and Amy Roloff may be small, but their good-bye made for some big-time emotion.

With the parents of four facing a major question about their future together, Little People, Big World signed off Monday after six seasons on TLC.

"This was a long chapter," Amy said as she and Matt reflected on their decision not to sell the family farm after learning that twins Zack (who's a little person like mom and dad) and Jeremy (who's of standard height) decided not to move out just yet.

But though the family was still intact when the tear-inducing farewell montage rolled, Amy and Matt noted that they have major issues to work out as a couple and that the state of their marriage is "pretty iffy."

"Who knows what the future might bring?" questioned Matt. "Amy and I have a lot to work out between the two of us and anything could happen."

Well, even though Matt gets all totalitarian over things like a little oil spilled in the driveway, we hope they work it out.

Farewell, Roloff family. We appreciate that there was at least one TLC family we weren't reading about while scanning tabloids in the supermarket checkout line.

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