Capri Anderson

Courtesy of Met-Art

Capri Anderson—you know, the porn actress who was with Charlie Sheen in New York the night of his freakout—was supposedly in Miami over the weekend, and she wasn't alone.

Anderson was apparently spotted in—shocker—the lobby of the W Hotel in South Beach with a much older looking gentleman late Saturday night. And let's just say we doubt it was her father...

Considering they hardly even speak!

Dressed in a super miniskirt and tank, Capri looking "very tiny" was in the lobby waiting for her male "friend" to arrive.

"The guy looked, like, decades her senior," dishes our spy, who saw the odd sighting.

The two met and then left together, his hand on her back, before hopping in a waiting cab.

Remember, Capri has denied she was hired for sex by Charlie (she just "willingly" let "some romance" go down between 'em). She was just simply hired to be Sheen's dinner companion! So we're totally sure it was the same case here.

Elsewhere not slutting it up was Gerard Butler, who was also hanging at the convention center in South Beach for Art Basel.

Gerard, in a blue tee-shirt and hat looking super scruffy, walked around for a bit Saturday admiring the art with a buddy.

Alex Rodriguez was not too far behind, being all cutesy with his daughter.

Butler and his guy friend hung in the Art Collector's Lounge for a while, grubbing on some sushi, where some of the staff behind the bar told Gerard:

"Hey, you know everyone's talking about you, right? Everyone's whispering 'that's that hot actor!'"

Gerard was polite and laughed it off.

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