Angelina Jolie

Florian Seefried/Getty Image

Angelina Jolie is venturing back into the design biz—for a good cause, natch.

According to WWD, the actress has teamed up with jeweler and ex-Asprey CEO Robert Procop to create a line of necklaces, rings and more, with all proceeds from the sales benefitting Angie's charity Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

The star even wore one of the pieces, a black spinel necklace bezel set in rose gold, to the Salt premiere in Germany.

If you, unlike some people, are wondering where to buy of Angie's wares, there's bad news:

The expensive, high-end pieces will only be sold privately to Procop's clients. Boo.

Last year, Angie and beau Brad Pitt designed some bling for Asprey that also benefitted the do-gooding actress's charity.

Maybe next year, she'll do another line that will be available to the public. Baby steps, right?

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