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UPDATE: A $100,000 warrant was issued for Evi Quaid after she skipped a probation hearing Dec. 16. Her attorney, Robert Sanger, withdrew from the case.

When all else fails blame Canada.

It's a habit that could land them jail time, but for the fourth time in less than a year, Randy and Evi Quaid are wanted again, this time for missing a court date in Santa Barbara today stemming from their felony vandalism case.

"They did not appear. The case was taken off calendar, the warrants remain out, the bonds remain forfeited for now," a court source tells E! News.

The couple's attorney, Robert Sanger, informed the court that he will no longer defend the Quaids against charges of squatting in their former home and causing $5,000 in property damage.

However, Sanger said he will continue to represent Evi in her upcoming probation hearing set for Dec. 16 resulting from her plea deal for last year's resort-and-dash incident and said he will pass along word of the upcoming appearance to her.

In explaining his client's absence yet again, the lawyer told Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Donna Geck that Canadian authorities had confiscated Randy's passport after he and his wife (who claims Canadian citizenship) were apprehended in Vancouver after crossing the border last month.

The paranoid pair has since declared their intention to seek asylum, claiming they need to get away from so-called "star whackers," a shadowy group the couple insist are out to kill them and whose victims have included Heath Ledger, David Carradine and even Dennis Quaid's twins.

But the judge was picking up what the lawyer was putting down.

"Mr. Quaid has had multiple occasions to appear on this matter prior to his passport being taken," Geck said.

Instead, the next time the Quaids go before the judge, both will likely arrive in handcuffs. Geck allowed a warrant out for their arrest to remain active. Not only that, Geck has already declared the two have officially forfeited more than $1 million in bail for their failure to appear.

Sanger says that he is optimistic the embattled actor will return to face the music, because "this is something that has become much larger than life" and could be detrimental to his long career as a veteran character actor.

"I think Randy Quaid has been a very significant actor in the course of his career. I would like to see him get back and get this taken care of," the lawyer says.

Quaid's request for refugee status is set to go before a Canadian immigration board on Nov. 23.

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