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Only the good die young, which is why, when Glee's newest castmember, the adorable, amazing, articulate, smart and humane Darren Criss, joked to us that his character Blaine could possibly get bumped off in some kind of surprise cyborg killing spree, we actually got a little worried.

But hey, if the robots don't get him first, could romance with Chris Colfer's Kurt Hummel be in Blaine's future? Here's what the actor revealed:

What can you tell us about Blaine?
The character Blaine himself is such a cool guy, and I really hope he ends up being a really positive role model and source of strength for a lot of people, gay or straight—for any teen, really.

[Blaine's] a guy that is really, he's seen some hardship and where we meet him he's a very strong, collected guy, and he's really analyzed the things that have happened to him and has defined himself because of those things and a lot of the struggle that other characters go through, he's found a way to empower himself through that. Having a character like that show up where we are in the show and where we are in our society is pretty cool.

So to answer your question he's kind of an out-and-proud student at another school, at a private all-boys school called Dalton, and he meets Kurt, befriends him and imparts whatever knowledge that he feels he can benefit Kurt with. And he's just a really cool guy. I mean even if this wasn't my part, I would see this on TV and be like, wow, cool I'm so glad that this is a character that can be present on a show that is as watched.

Can you say if he's a love interest?
I can't even say, I mean, even if I knew. I don't know, my guess is just as good as anybody's and I'm not just being coy, I have no idea. When people ask me's fun to speculate these things—of course, it's always fun to see who's going to get with who—but that doesn't really interest me.

I mean, to me, if you couldn't tell by my enthusiasm about what kind of guy this was, that's the coolest part about this character. Yes, of course, we all want to see Kurt have a love interest of some kind, just because we want to see the good guys get what should come to them—however, I think as a thematic element, I think it's more interesting to me at this point to see Kurt having a role model in someone he can really truly relate to and whether or not that evolves in some kind of romantic relationship, who knows?

It's just cool that [Kurt] has like a friend, a true friend that he can kind of see as a beacon of light for him.

Now do you get to sing and dance?
I'll say yes. I won't tell you to what—and now I am being coy.

Can you say how many episodes you are in?
No, because I don't know! I don't know, and I feel bad because people are asking me and I just don't know, but I wish I did, but we'll see. To me, objectively, I really like this guy Blaine, and even if I had nothing to do with the show as audience of the show, I'd love to see him come back, and do things, but for all I know he gets attacked by giant robots and dies a horrific death.

It's all a dream.
Or maybe not a dream. We don't know where Glee is going. Post-apocalyptic storyline, anyone?

Darren's first episode of Glee is set to air Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. on Fox. In the meanwhile, you can stalk him online via MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. We'll see you there (both for the episode and for the online stalking).

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