Grey's Anatomy

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Dear Ted:
Lots of Grey's Anatomy references lately. Does the TV show match real life more then we know? Does art imitate life? Does Shonda Rhimes not need to write as much made-up stuff 'cause she gets story lines from what's really going on off camera?
—Grey's Romantic

Dear Resuscitated:
While I'm sure at one time Shonda could have gotten plenty of inspiration from her actors' antics, things seem to be quasi-tame behind-the-scenes on the series now. Total shame! And couldn't possibly be related to Katherine Heigl's absence, right? Maybe that's why the finale was so damn good? Returned the drama to where it belongs—onscreen. Plus, the ratings have held steady, so let's hope that means the cast will be, too. You listening, Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo, you total almost dolls?

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with the relationship between Blake Lively and Penn Badgley? Penn seems so nice and down-to-earth and hardly ever in magazines, whereas Blake is always gossiping about the relationship and posing for cameras. I mean, seriously! Is it possible to fake this relationship anymore than a Vice and his beard?

Dear Gossip Guru:
Hate to break it to you, babe, but your observations do not a Vice make. There's only one Vice on the G.G. set—so far, we're sure—and it doesn't belong to Penn. But you may be onto something; this couple isn't without their issues.

Dear Ted:
I am in complete lust over Jonathan Groff. I know the last time I checked he had a boyfriend. Any updates on his marital status and what he's looking for in a man?

Dear Glee Carefully:
Not married, but still involved, sorry. And just in case an opening springs up, remember, whatever you've got that makes you BF material, you'd better hope Lea Michele approves of it. She is his BFF, after all, and Lea tends to call the shots—the Glee gal won't hold her tongue if you don't make the cut.

Dear Ted:
Recently both Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz made headlines for their contract negotiations on Breaking Dawn, but I noticed something a little off. I was reading an interview from Ashley a few days ago praising Kellan and saying something along the lines of "we're really close; we share a special bond." Kellan was quoted as saying something similar (in the past few days) like, "we're really great friends and who knows what'll happen in the future." I found this to be somewhat fishy, and I'm not buying it as genuine. Am I reading too much into this? Your thoughts? I recently bought a rescue dog from the Anti-Cruelty Society, and any dog I've owned throughout my life has been one from the shelter. I appreciate your efforts in getting people to go out and adopt a family pet!

Dear Faker:
Nope, the two are total BFFs. Ash and Kel are two of the more upfront Twi stars when it comes to their relaysh. They certainly are no Robsten! And congrats on having such a big heart. You'll live longer (and happier).

Dear Ted:
Based on your Blinds, it seems most celebrities are dishonest, druggie pervs. Can you name three who are genuinely nice and (at least somewhat) "normal?"

Dear Overreacting:
C'mon, babe, just 'cause a couple of the eggs are rotten doesn't mean the whole town is full of losers. Even the ones with some nasty habits can be decent people, no? And what exactly is normal, anyway?

Dear Ted:
Could you please give us a hint about one Blind Vice we've been so wrong about? On a slightly related note, has New Moon's Charlie Bewley ever been a Blind Vice star?
—Martha in Chicago

Dear Vamps and Vices:
Moisty Mohr
, for starters. Don't think one person guessed him right. And can't say Charlie is a big enough star to have pinged my B.V. radar. Will soon, though, very soon.

Dear Ted:
Do Danneel and Genevieve hate each other's gut? A little birdie told me they were not present at each other's weddings. If Jackles' wives can't stand each other, there aren't  going to be any double-date dinner rendezvous together anytime soon, huh?

Dear Trouble in Daters Paradise:
I think Danneel would prefer to have Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols tag along on a romantic trip if she had her pick...but don't think G and D are at each other's throats by any means.

Dear Ted:
I love all animals, not just dogs and cats. Recently sent a small check to the local animal shelter, even though I'm currently unemployed. Quick question: Are Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban?

Dear 2 for 1:
Such a fab guess, you have no idea! But Nicole and Keith are busy with their own Vices. Think tad less A-list.

Dear Ted:
Lately it's been all about Me-Me Dallas. But what's Tobey Yum Yum been up to?

Dear Young Love:
Mimi's certainly been the headline maker as of late. Tobey's been trying to get back on the righteous good-boy path, but it's only a matter of time before he goes back to Me-Me or a Me-Me wannabe.

Dear Ted:
Does Strawberry Snort 'Em know Me-Me Dallas in some way or another?

Dear Peas in Hollywood:
Of course! This town is teeny-tiny, doll.

Dear Ted:
I think I've nailed it. Moisty Mohr is Carrot Top! I feel bad writing this, but he's definitely the most unattractive celeb out there. And based on how grossed out you are by Moisty, it's gotta be Carrot Top.

Dear If Looks Could Kill:
Sorry, M.M.'s firecrotch isn't what makes him a recognizable name.


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