Danielle Staub, The Naked Truth, Book Cover

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You'd think after all the crap Danielle Staub went through during the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she would have ditched the reality show by now.

No way! Staub says she has a very good reason for coming back for more...

"Could I allow my children to think that that's OK?" Staub says of the way she was treated by the other Housewives. "That it's OK for a person to treat any other human being the way I was treated? Could I have my children be witness to having a table thrown at me and being called a prostitution whore?...Last season all you saw was a woman targeted and victimized. This season, you don't see a victim any more."

Staub has also just released a new memoir, The Naked Truth. In the book, she opens up about being a call girl and an exotic dancer and spending time behind bars after getting involved with drug dealers, among other things. She insists she didn't write it to gain sympathy or friendship from the other Housewives.

"I'm not trying to clear up rumors and gossip," she says. "It's not an answer to a Q&A. It is my story. Your life is not an answer to anyone, and I'm not apologetic about anything."

And don't expect Staub and the other Housewives to be reuniting anytime soon. "I have a life lesson and it's a mantra: If it feels good I draw it near, if it doesn't steer clear," Staub says. "They don't feel good."

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