Simpsons, Bart Simpson


So, in case you didn't hear, there was this low-profile, under-the-radar TV show that bowed out last night. If you didn't see it and don't want it spoiled—well, first of all, get off the freaking Internet. Second of all, until you can watch the Lost finale in its entirety, avoid all human contact.

Particularly of the yellow-skinned, four-fingered variety.

Proving there was no safe refuge from learning about the Losties' date with destiny last night, even The Simpsons got in on the Island action, with Bart Simpson paying tribute to the show in the opening moments of last night's (we're guessing little-watched) episode.

"END OF 'LOST': IT WAS ALL THE DOG'S DREAM. WATCH US," he scrawled on the chalkboard.

Good effort, but this spoiler alert deserves a spoiler alert: Vincent is not the answer. Bob Newhart, on the other hand...

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