As if it's remotely possible to cry more than we already did during tonight's spectacular Lost finale (stand by for the deep-digging Redux posting soon), I'm here to put the cherry on top. Two cherries, actually. We've collected some supersweet fan thank-yous from our favorite Losties, and in the video above you'll find their touching tributes to you.

And if you're thinking the Lost stars don't have some lingering, post-finale questions, think again. Below, Daniel Dae KimJorge Garcia and more reveal the stuff they're still dying to know, and Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse pony up some answers...

So, no big deal. Jin's just an Olympian-grade diver, and Hurley's a gamer. Totally feasible.

As for Ian Somerhalder wanting to know what the hell is going on on Lost, hopefully tonight's finale kinda sorta satisfied that query. Yes?

Now get in those comments and send some thanks right back to Josh and Co.


For all things Lost finale and beyond, be sure to stick around WWK for loads of exclusives, and even some reactions from me.

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