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While Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed and the rest of the gang have started to make the promo rounds here in the States (Ellen being our fave!), it got us thinking about the bigger Twi picture.

New Moon was pimped out like crazy, what with the massive world tour, super hyped Comic-Con appearance, and summer award show circuit…so can we expect the same for Eclipse?

While the third installment is only a month or so out, as one of our dear readers pointed out in a recent Bitch-Back, we haven't seen nearly as much Twilight "shoved down our throats" for this flick.

So what gives?

We checked in with Deep Twi who ‘fesses the promo kinks are "still being figured out."

One big appearance on the chopping block? Comic-Con.

Our source says it's "not likely" Rob, Kristen, or Taylor Lautner will be making the trek down to San Diego again. Considering the super fun geek festival is a month after Eclipse premieres here in the US we assume it's because the main three will be on their global tour (not to mention Rob will be filming Water for Elephants). But specifics still aren't locked in.

"Premiere locations besides the world premiere on June 24th in LA at the Nokia Theater have not been disclosed yet."

Well duh or we would all have each appearance marked on our Team Edward calendar. Exact dates are being worked out though—so don't fret international Twi fans, you'll get a piece of the cast.

Comic-Con is huge though if you ask us. Even if Robsten & Tay can't go, why not send Ashley Greene or Kellan Lutz? Make those fab babes work for their extra money. We all know they have the fan base to boot! But if you Twilighters want the main cast, you better start campaigning to get their cute butts to SD.

Rest assured though, we'll keep you posted as we hear whether Robsten will be hitting the MTV Movie Awards as well as what their international schedule will be.


Photos: Total Eclipse.

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