Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone

CBSNews/60MINUTES HD Frame Grab

To the left is a shot from this Sunday's 60 Minutes of Marty Cooper, creator of the cellular phone, reenacting his very first cell phone call on the exact Motorola model with which it was made and on the exact Manhattan street corner from which he made it back in 1973. Marty says his maiden call was to a rival of his at AT&T.

Here's a transcript of said call...

Marty: Hey Joel, it's Marty. Guess what? Remember when you said I could never rip off the front part of my microwave and use it as a phone? Well, guess what I'm talking to you on now! That's right—

Joel: Kill everyone.

Marty: Huh?

Joel: They must suffer. All of them. Make them bleed.

Marty: Will do! See ya, man!

As it turns out, Martin's first "conversation via a cellular phone" is really more accurately described as his first "conversation with the voices in his head via an old microwave."

Fortunately, and before he had the chance to kill too many people, he robbed a pharmacy, got on some strong meds and eventually did create the first cellular phone.

 Every word of that is entirely true.*

 *No it's not.


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