Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Tesla Sports Car

AP Photo; teslamotors.com

So much for the divorce heard ‘round the world! While we all thought Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren would be long kaput by now—the big D was basically a 100 percent done deal, just waiting for one-half of the dunzo duo to file first—we may have spoken too soon.

Could Tiger be an even better actor than we thought, enough to win back almost ex-wifey and Swedish hottie Elin with his new ‘tude? Or maybe he's using another tactic to keep her around?

A very reliable source spotted Tiger and a woman who appeared to be a dead ringer for Elin at the Tesla dealership on Santa Monica this afternoon, driving off in a brand-spankin'-new, charcoal gray Tesla—which, if you're not a car expert, is a way sexy (and über-pricey) electric sports car.

Elin, or a doppelgänger of Missus Woods (she does have a twin sister after all) sported some dark shades as the two sped off. We wouldn't want to be seen with Tiger either, trust.

We tried to confirm the purchase with the dealership, but when we dialed them up, we were instantly transferred to the manager who told us he could not confirm or deny any purchase made—buyer protection blah, blah, blah.

Sounds like a yes to us!

Regardless, we are waiting to hear back from Tiger's reps about this high-gear news.

Hmmm, might this mean Tiger's recent injury (read: "injury") was to appease his almost ex-bride, too?

We know Elin wasn't pleased about his return to the green, what with Tiger making a mockery out of the couple's love life. Now he's out of commission for any upcoming tourneys until his (pain in the) neck is healed.

True love...It's beautiful, isn't it?

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