Well, at least Michael Lohan is in Los Angeles.

Michael tells E! News that he's holding out hope that daughter Lindsay will be able to get back in time from France for her looming court date that, in all likelihood, she's going to miss and thereby end up on the receiving end of a bench warrant.

As for the tale of the missing passport that her lawyer says is preventing Lindsay from just hopping on the next transatlantic flight, Michael is going with the flow.

"I have to believe what she says until I've seen or heard otherwise," he says of his kid's excuse.

Most likely it will be "heard," as Michael has to be back in Chicago for business in a couple of days.

"But if I'm not here next week and Lindsay has another court date, I'm more than open to get Dina a ticket and get her out here to be by Lindsay if I can't be," he says.

A fine gesture, but it's looking like a contribution to Lindsay's bail fund will be more necessary instead.

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