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Unfortunate as it is, at least this shines a little more light on his recent flying habits.

Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers has checked himself in for a second stint at rehab, seeking treatment at an undisclosed location in London for alcohol addiction.

Meyers' rep confirmed that the Irish actor has decided to seek help, but did not say where or for what.

So what sparked his decision to sober up this time around?

Reports in Britain's Mirror and Daily Mail credit Meyers' longtime on-off girlfriend Reena Hammer with his decision to seek help, claiming that she gave him an ultimatum to enter a program after his latest airport outburst. But it's definitely not that simple.

Meyers last sought professional help back in April 2007, when he entered a program for alcohol abuse. A few months after leaving the facility, he was arrested at Dublin Airport and charged with public drunkenness.

In early 2009, he was busted at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport after allegedly punching a waiter in an airport bar.

His current stint in rehab was proceeded by a flurry of news coverage speculating that yet another airport dust-up had gotten the 32-year-old actor banned from flying United Airlines after he got into a drunken altercation at New York's JFK Airport. Neither his rep nor the airline would confirm the reports.

Whatever his motivation, here's hoping he gets the help he needs.

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