• OK, so Zac Efron's upcoming movie Charlie St. Cloud looks a little cheeseball, but who cares? He's so pretty in it.

• While we can't figure out why Blake Lively is on the June cover of Vogue (was it really because K.Stew couldn't make it work?), it's certainly true that she looks hot in bikinis.

• Alright, Jennifer Aniston, you have a very nice yoga body. Good for you! But it doesn't really make us want some Smartwater.

• So this is what Will Schuester (real life name: Matthew Morrison) looks like without a shirt on. Still doesn't excuse all his Glee rapping.

• Can't wait for Lady Gaga's next video for "Alejandro"!

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Awww, how cute are Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in our Big Pic gallery? They should date!

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