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Don't be surprised if Evan Lysacek's smile includes a couple of fangs when he dances the paso doble again on tonight's Dancing With the Stars.

The Olympic gold medalist says the routine was inspired by Twilight and True Blood, but he and partner Anna Trebunskaya had to lose some of the bloodsucking details from last night's performance. Hear what Evan told me in our exclusive chat this morning...

What's this I hear about the dance last night being inspired by Twilight?
There were some props involved, but our dress rehearsal was such a disaster. I tried to glue fangs on my teeth but they fell off. They drew a widow's peak on my forehead, but then I started sweating and had black dripping down my face. I was supposed to pull the cape off of Anna's dress and instead I pulled her real skirt. So we eliminated the fangs and the widow's peak and the Dracula-type thing and made it a little more subtle. Some people I think got it and got that I was biting her on the neck. Tonight we're doing the repeat dance, so I might try [the fangs] again. I'm thinking about it.

So, are you a Twilight fan? Have you seen the movie?
Yeah and I really enjoyed it, but actually I love True Blood. I'm obsessed with True Blood. I think [Anna] was coming at it from more of a Twilight angle and I was coming at it from True Blood. I travel with the True Blood DVDs and I get so hooked. Last year I was doing a show and missed my number because I was watching backstage. They announced me and I wasn't there! I was too enthralled with the show.

You were showing some more skin last night. You've told me in the past how shy you are about doing that. Are you getting more comfortable?
In skating, you never really show your body at all. You just have spandex on. I never was concerned about what my body looked like on TV or in competition before. But now it's so nice to just be comfortable in my own skin. If I have to show it, I might as well be proud and do it with confidence.

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Speaking of hot bods and True Blood, hopefully we'll be seeing even more nakedness when the vampire series' new season begins next month. Read about it here.

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