Antonio Banderas

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Antonio Banderas released his new fragrance, The Secret, this week. But why buy a bottle when you can make your own? We here at the Soup blog have unearthed The Secret ingredients...

Combine passionately: three pounds of glistening chest hair, one teaspoon of sex in liquid form; salsa; seven drops of baby tears; two pupils from eyes that have witnessed Lambada: The Forbidden Dance; immigration papers (if making in Arizona); Salma Hayek's left breast; a dash of Melanie Griffith circa 1984; one tall, dark, mysterious stranger who frightens yet arouses you; and...potpourri.

And, voila! Your very own batch of The Secret. Be careful, though. It's very powerful. One spray and you may end up in a Robert Rodriguez movie.

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