Jessica Simpson, Fancy Nights Ad


If you thought you knew what Jessica Simpson smelled like, you were wrong. Dead wrong. Oh sure, perhaps you knew what odor she emitted in the morning. And, OK, maybe you've even whiffed her in the afternoon. But not at night. Oh no, not until now...

Behold! Fancy Nights! The new Jessica Simpson fragrance!

Judging by the picture, it's the perfect scent for those evenings when Mother Darkness comes to whisk you away to the stars, whereupon you meet your winged knight who descends down an ancient staircase from the moon.

At first you resist him; pushing, clawing. But his grip only tightens. Your eyes finally lock. In that instant you know. It is too late. It has already been written. In blood, in sand, in time...Your eyes close. You gasp...The final gasp? Find pleasure in the pain. This exquisite, final nightmare. Your body stiffens. Your eyes bulge. You shriek in silence. And one last thought passes through your screaming mind: "This truly Fancy Night..."

 Or, hey, maybe that's just what we took from the picture. 

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