Big ups to Meredith on this week's Grey's Anatomy. Relationships aren't her strong suit, but when she sees bestie Cristina going through a rough patch with Owen, those girl code instincts set it. Of course, hardheaded Cristina will have none of it, and Grey's quickly becomes all best friend vs. boyfriend. But as you see in the clip above, maybe she just needs to witness the Teddy/Owen chemistry to believe her gal-pal...or maybe not. Take a look at two more sneak peeks inside and decide for yourselves:

What do you think? Should Cristina be worried? Is Meredith right? Shout out those Grey's Anatomy theories below and tune into an all new episode Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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Don't worry, C and O are OK for now...just check out this week's Spoiler Chat for the scoop.

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